Career Services

The following is an example on how to complete the job posting form.

The following section will not appear on the web site:

Company Contact: This is the name of you company, but this will not appear on the web site, for Chapter contact only.
Contact Name: This is the name of the person who will be primary contact and is for Chapter contact only.
Phone/E-mail This is the contact method for the Director of Career Services to discuss issues with the company.

This is the information that will appear on the web site:

Posted/Closing This is the date the posting opens and the close date when the posting is complete.
Company Your company name if you desire or "NOT AVAILABLE" if a discrete inquiry.
Job Title The job title or position classification.
Req # An internal classification if required or leave blank.
Job Description A written description of the job. Provide as much detail as possible.
Qualifications Specific details on your qualifications for the job, such as education, certifications, etc.
Work Location Where the opportunity is available. Tampa, Clearwater, another location, etc.
Full Time/Part Time/Internship Is this full time, part time, an internship, etc.
Career Area This it the area of the position - planning, purchasing, logistics, etc..
Band/Grade Pay scale, rate or other identification of salary or "NOT AVAILABLE".
Contact Method Your preferred method of contact: fax with number, e-mail, telephone with number, address, etc.

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